Services Offered

House Moves

Your most prized possessions at hand is our greatest priority, as we believe sentimental value cannot be replaced. At DAS we use only the highest quality wrapping, crating and cardboard material, to ensure durability off your goods whilst in transit.

  • Bubble Wrapping
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Crating
  • Wardrobe Boxes

Adding all the protective layers to your goods, combine with our experienced, skilled packers allows you our customer peace of mind in knowing that your goods are sure to arrive at its destination as intended too. Our experienced team will also ensure on delivery that all wrapped, boxed and crated items are unpacked, if our customers require this.

Office Moves

We have a specialized team to handle all dismantling and reassembly of all office furniture Special labeled containers are provided to ensure all fitting, devices are kept safe so it arrives safe at your new offices, ensuring setting up is done as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Our concern is always to ensure your business experiences as less down time as possible during your move, which is why our experienced and specialized OFFICE MOVERS staff make your setting up in your new office their priority.

All computers are packed in special casing that are cushioned to ensure maximum protection from movement and they are transported separately from furniture.

Make that wise choice and choose DAS for your office move ........


Our success as much impacted on our ability to offer skilled specialist services too, which is why we have also invested in specialized rigging crane trucks that can move machinery off your workshop floor to your destination

Our team of qualified rigging staff will arrive at you premises with suited equipment and vehicles for your plant move. Our equipment on hand accommodates lifts between 0-28 ton and transport via road between 0-45 tons

Let us move you valued machinery with the care and skill required, call us today for a free on site quote


At DAS we understanding regardless of your need to store your furniture, safety and cleanliness is our priority when we keep your furniture within our enclosed, secure and access controlled storage facility. We have designed three specific furniture pallets that are completely closed and locked with seals to accommodate accordingly for the volume of furniture you choose to store with us.

These pallets are manufactured from the highest quality materials to ensure zero exposure to theft, and is quality controlled with computerized records ensuring your goods are removed from storage as put in

We also have the option of lockable cage storage to suit customers on budgets.

DAS has truly revolutionized the way we look at the safe keeping of your furniture, whilst in our storage.